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  • 2008 Partners4cax was founded
  • 2015 Intitial projects for VW Shangahi/VW Group
  • 2017 New customers from Germany, Czech Republic
  • 2022 TISAX Certified Company

Our services

Designing support


Designing support is a crucial phase in the creative and problem-solving process, where professionals or teams work to conceptualize, plan, and craft solutions for various challenges. Whether it's designing products, systems, graphics, or experiences, this stage involves generating ideas, creating prototypes, and refining concepts to meet specific objectives. Designing support often integrates user-centric principles, aesthetics, functionality, and practicality to produce innovative and effective solutions. It plays a pivotal role in industries like product design, graphic design, architecture, and user experience design.




A concept is a fundamental idea or abstract notion that forms the basis for understanding, reasoning, or creating something. It serves as a mental framework or blueprint upon which more specific ideas, plans, or designs can be built. Concepts can range from simple and concrete, such as the concept of a tree or a circle, to complex and abstract, like democracy or love. In various fields, including art, science, philosophy, and design, concepts play a vital role in shaping our understanding of the world and driving innovation and creativity. They often serve as the starting point for deeper exploration and the development of new ideas and theories.

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In 3D development, skilled professionals use specialized software tools to model, texture, animate, and render objects or scenes in three dimensions. This process involves the creation of 3D models, which are digital representations of physical objects, and the application of textures and materials to make them appear lifelike. Animation can be added to bring these models to life, enabling movement and interaction within the virtual space.

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drawing projects​


Drawing projects refer to creative endeavors where individuals or artists use various drawing techniques to produce visual representations of ideas, concepts, or subjects. These projects can encompass a wide range of styles, themes, and mediums, including pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels, digital tools, or mixed media.
Drawing projects are versatile and can serve various purposes, such as artistic expression, skill development, communication, or problem-solving. Artists may embark on drawing projects to capture the beauty of nature.

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The RPS-concept, also known as the Rock-Paper-Scissors concept, is a simple yet widely recognized and versatile decision-making framework. It is often used to resolve disputes, make choices, or allocate resources in a fair and random manner. The concept revolves around three basic elements: "Rock" (represented by a clenched fist), "Paper" (represented by an open hand), and "Scissors" (represented by a fist with the index and middle fingers extended to form a V shape).

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kinematic simulation​


Kinematic simulation is a computer-based technique used to model and analyze the motion of objects or systems without considering the forces and torques that cause that motion. It primarily focuses on the movement, positions, and velocities of objects or components within a system, making it valuable in various fields such as robotics, animation, mechanical engineering, and video game development.
In kinematic simulation, mathematical algorithms and equations are employed to predict how objects or components will move.

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Don’t miss our offer of jobs for automotive design. Maybe we are looking for you!


Designer – Automotive

What is part of the designer's work with us?

  • You take on the independent creation of constructions. We use CAD systems Catia V5 and NX Siemens.
  • Your role will be to design and find solutions within the framework of predefined concepts for parts and components. The scope of our projects is wide, so it is possible that in one project you will work independently and in another you will be part of a larger project team.

What prerequisites we expect for this position?

  • We require completed secondary education.
  • The knowledge of English or German language is an advantage.
  • Ability of design in one of the following 2D/3D systems CAD systems – Catia V5 or NX Siemens.
  • Finally yet importantly, you need the desire and willingness to learn new things.

Our Projects

Interior Projects


AU250 Concept – IP; Q5 – IP


BMW 3er und 6er Roof BMW 5 – IP, Center Console MCV – Backrest(Sandwich Technology) E91 – Backrest(Sandwich technology) E83 – Backrest(Sendwich technology), Center Console


Octavia – IP

Volkswagen Shanghai

NMC – Center Console, Door ( BiW )

Exterior Projects




BMW G22- Bumper rear


Veyron (A- Class Surfaces ); Veyron – A,B Trim, DoorVeyron (A- Class Surfaces ); Veyron – A,B Trim, Door


101EX – Convertible Roof System101EX – Convertible Roof System


SK316/5- Bumper front



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